In Germany started to look for “Russian” for NATO exercises

German recruitment Agency HR Optronic GmbH, cooperating with NATO and the Armed forces of the United States, beginning the search for actors for the role of the Russian doctrines on the ground Hohenfels (Hohenfels), located in Bavaria. Extras will portray civilians, according to the website A vacancy announcement was posted on March 22.

Actors playing farmers or shop owners, have to wear special vests with infrared sensors, which allow you to calculate how many civilians were killed or injured in the fighting.

Candidates must speak well in Russian, it is also desirable to know English or German.

It is reported that the ground was built 10 villages, each with 10 to 30 houses. The territory is not allowed electronic devices, and also has a strict ban on alcohol.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant” informed that the recruitment Agency was engaged in search of extras for the exercises approached to conditions in Afghanistan. Why do they need actors portraying “Russian” is not clarified in the job description or on the HR website Optronic GmbH.

We only know that the extras need to 26 April. One day they can obtain from 88,4 to 120 euros.

The first phase of the exercises will be held at the site Hohenfels from April 28 to may 15.