In Germany prosecuted migrant Talib

In Germany, the trial of an Afghan who is accused of membership in a terrorist organization, the Taliban (banned in Russia). About this soobschaetreuters.

21-year-old Hikmet T. accused that he in 2013 he joined the Taliban, received training in one of training camps of the group and took part in four attacks on police officers. “In at least two cases, he was fired from a Kalashnikov in the direction of the Afghan security forces, — stated in the materials of the investigation. — It is not clear whether he managed to kill or injure anyone.”

Prosecutors claim that Mr. Hikmet has left the location of the detachment of the Taliban, in which he fought, in the beginning of 2014. When he arrived in Germany, not reported. It is also unknown whether he submitted the documents for the refugee status. Talib-the deserter was arrested in early December 2016, all the while he was in custody.

For 2015, in Germany there were more than 150 thousand people from Afghanistan. Over the past two years, which was the European migration crisis, the number of Afghan refugees increased significantly, but their exact number is unknown. In October 2016, Berlin and Kabul have reached an agreement on the return of refugees to their homeland. To date, from Germany to Afghanistan deported 60 people in the coming years, German authorities are planning to send another 12.5 thousand people.