For NATO exercises are looking for “Russian”

For NATO exercises are looking for “Russian”

German recruitment Agency, collaborating with NATO and the armed forces of the United States, began to search for extras for the role of “Russian”. The actors who will portray the civilian population, need for training on the us ground Hohenfels in Bavaria.

The announcement of the recruitment of extras for the image of the “Russian” appeared in the careers section of the website March 22. It was hosted by the German employment Agency HR Optronic GmbH, specializing in the selection of scenes for military exercises of NATO and the US armed forces.

Judging by the photos and data on the website of the Agency, previously it was looking for extras mostly for supervised military maneuvers of the NATO International security assistance force (ISAF), during which it was necessary to create conditions close to the Afghan.

What kind of exercises needed “Russian”, from job descriptions not clear. Provided only that people need to 26 April. On the website Optronic GmbH HR specified that the first round of the exercise will be held from April 28 to may 15. The maneuvers will take place at the American landfill Hohenfels (Hohelfels) in Bavaria.

The extras are supposed to represent a civilian, such as farmers or shop owners. They must be fluent in the Russian language, it is also desirable to know German and English. On the ground Hohenfels built 10 villages, consisting of 10-30 homes. Each village need 30-100 of extras. Actors are needed in order to, as stated on the Agency website, create for the us military terms “as close to reality”.

All the extras will supply the special vests with infrared sensors. With these devices the military will be able to count how many civilians “suffered” during the “fighting.” While on the Agency’s website emphasizes that all shots are made using non-hazardous layouts of machines and blanks.

It is reported that a big plus would be knowledge of Polish or Czech languages. Candidates should be stress resistant, responsible, flexible and able to work in a team.

The vacancy is ready to consider and foreigners, if they have permission to stay in Germany and work permit. Live extras will be at the landfill site. They are not allowed to leave it during the exercises, except in cases of emergency. Mobile phones and other gadgets at the landfill site use is prohibited. Also categorically it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages.

One day statisticians depicting “Russian” are ready to pay from €88,4 up to 120.

Note that 30 March in Brussels, a meeting of the Council Russia-NATO. Among the topics to be discussed: prevention of incidents between the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the North Atlantic Alliance.

Elena Chernenko