Fillon stated the need to introduce state control over Islam

Francois Fillon

The candidate in presidents of France from the party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon advocated the establishment in the country of strict control of the state over Islam. He stated in a live interview with radio station RTL, he was quoted by TASS.

“Also needs to be installed and a strict control over the financing from abroad of the centers of Islam in France and the training of imams,” — said the politician.

He noted also that the control is not a religion for his country unusual. “In France, the authorities have already taken measures in order to force the Catholics to respect the values of the French Republic, as well as other religions”, — quotes Agency the words of Fillon.

Election of the President of France on 23 April, the second round, if necessary, will be held on 7 may. The favorite of the race, according to several recent polls, is Emmanuel macron, representing they also created the movement “Forward!”. The leader of “National front” marine Le Pen, predicting a second place. It is françois Fillon.

On March 28 against his wife Penelope had launched a formal investigation into a bogus job placement. Two weeks before this investigation was opened in relation to the visit. He is suspected in embezzlement and waste of public funds. Later he was also suspected of fraud with aggravating circumstances.