Chizhov: the EMU knows that the situation Samoilova blow to the image of “Eurovision”

Chizhov: the EMU knows that the situation Samoilova blow to the image of “Eurovision”

MOSCOW, 29 Mar — RIA Novosti. The leadership of the European broadcasting Union (EBU) understands that the prohibition of the security service of Ukraine on entry to the Russian participants of “Eurovision-2017” will hurt the prestige of the contest, and the EBU, said Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov.

The Director General of the EBU, Ingrid Deltenre said in an interview with newspaper Blick on Wednesday that if the decision on participation of Russia in “Eurovision” will not be reached in the coming weeks, Ukraine may be sanctioned: in particular, it may be suspended from participation in the contest.

“I can say that the competition “Eurovision” song contest, including the contest of this year, it held the European broadcasting Union, not Ukraine. There can not understand that the decision of the SBU in Kiev to ban the arrival and accordingly the performance of the Russian participants would be a major blow to the prestige of the contest “Eurovision” and the prestige of the EBU,” said Chizhov in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”.

The European broadcasting Union has offered a First channel to arrange the satellite broadcast of the speech Samoilova, however, the channel refused as it is contrary to the meaning of the event, “the strict rule which is the speech live on the Eurovision stage.

Later, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko said that Kiev is ready to take on the Eurovision song contest representative from Russia, but only if the Russian singer Yulia Samoylova will replace the other contestant that has no problems with Ukrainian legislation.