Bob Dylan has agreed to accept the Nobel prize

Bob Dylan has agreed to accept the Nobel prize

American poet-songwriter Bob Dylan, who received last year the Nobel prize for literature, has agreed to personally receive the award in Stockholm, where he will have concerts on 1-2 April.

As reported by the Swedish Academy, presenting the award, required by the regulations lecture the singer did not personally hold, but he promised to send a videotaped monologue.

In December, Dylan is already sent to the ceremony one video message in which he said that the award is a great honor for him.

In the speech, then read on his behalf, Dylan admitted that the chance to get this award for him was no higher than to be on the moon. He admitted that the feelings he feels, “truly words cannot Express”.

However, the 8 million Krona (910 thousand dollars) payable to the winner, neither he nor his representatives also have not yet received.

Bob Dylan became the first recipient of the Nobel prize for literature, which was awarded for her lyrics, in connection with which the news of his award became the subject of fierce debate artists from different countries.

In its decision, the Swedish Academy said that the award was given to Dylan for “the creation of a new poetic language in the great American song tradition.”

In the Charter of the Nobel Committee notes that “literature is not just fiction, but also other works that are in form or style present a literary value.”