150 years since the sale of Alaska: an exact calculation or a fatal mistake

The signing of the Alaska purchase Treaty on March 30, 1867. A classic painting by Emanuel Leutze

© Emanuel Leutze/Public domain/wikipedia.org

In a glass display case of a provincial Museum — a brass plate 20 x 20 cm with embossed on it the words: “Russian Land ownership”. But in Russia such will not find — only the ocean, only in Alaska.

All newly annexed territory of the Russian pioneers were stolbit, says TASS Natalya Volkova, Director of the Museum of the city of Shelekhov, Irkutsk region. But to install wooden poles in Alaska had any sense — they could easily burn the indigenous people the colonizers or competitors. Therefore, Grigory Shelikhov ordered to bury embedded boards in the ground of Alaska.

Grigory Shelikhov (in some historical documents his name is spelled as Shelekhov, hence the name of the city) — industrialist, the merchant, the Explorer, the man who makes the beginning of the Russian colonization of Alaska. He did a lot to these lands almost a century was considered Russian.

As Russia colonized Northern America

Shelikhov was not the first merchant, whose ships reached the coast of Alaska. When in 1742 the surviving members of the expedition of Vitus Bering, “opening” the West coast of America, returned to Russia, they brought with them furs of sea otters. And those in its value caused a furore among the Siberian merchants.