The Russian foreign Ministry snubbed the Ambassador of Spain in Ukraine

Gerardo Bugallo Ottone

Moscow considers unacceptable the statements of the Ambassador of Spain in Kiev Gerardo Bugallo Ottone against Russia, its President, as well as the settlement in the South-East of Ukraine. This is stated in the comments of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry published on the Ministry website.

“We believe that making peremptory and biased statements, the representative of Spain in Kiev, not only went far beyond his official status, but opposed himself to the official position of the leadership of their own country”, — the document says. The foreign Minister noted that the Kingdom “had balanced positions with all bilateral contacts at a high level expresses the desire to reduce the confrontation between the EU and Russia.”

The Ministry stressed that especially unacceptable are the words of the alleged serializenode of the Minsk agreements, the necessity of which no one doubts as the basis for the Ukrainian settlement, enshrined in the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council.

In Moscow also expressed the hope that Madrid will assess the conformity of the statements of the Ambassador of Ukraine to the goals and objectives of Spanish foreign policy and will take steps to prevent in the future similar kind of incorrect statements.

March 22 at the meeting of the press club “Diplomats without ties” organized by “UKRINFORM”, Gerardo Bugallo Ottone called idiots of their compatriots who went to fight in the Donbass on the side of militia. “They really are” — gave the Agency the words of the diplomat. As writes RIA Novosti news Agency, the Spanish diplomat also said that the Russian President is leading the country towards the Soviet Union.