The head of the NAC after Mizulina opposed the study of corruption in schools

Kirill Kabanov

The head of the National anti-corruption Committee (NAC) Kirill Kabanov was supported by Senator Elena Mizulina and stated that it carried out in some Russian schools the lessons on the fight against corruption are a danger to the future of the country. This opinion he expressed in an interview with National news service (NSN).

“I agree with Mizulina in this regard. Many teachers in schools do not understand what they are saying. The issue is very complex. And filing for children should be appropriate to they have not developed a sense of cynicism,” said Kabanov. He compared the idea of these sessions with sex education, which has not been introduced.

According to the head of the NAC, anti-corruption agenda may be used to “inflate” children. “Give them the reins — we saw how many teenagers were at the recent events,” he recalled.

The official said that the work in this direction with students is necessary, but we must act cautiously. In particular, said Kabanov, enough to discuss this problem in the framework of the lessons of Patriotic education.

The question of what the lessons of patriotism in the schools studied in the fight against corruption, earlier on March 29 raised Mizulina. She spoke against such activities, noting that they show the international rankings, where Russia is not in the first place. This information, according to the Senator, attitude to Patriotic education has not.

In Russian schools are extracurricular lessons in civil-Patriotic education. Each educational institution independently develops the curriculum for this subject.