The former head of the electoral headquarters of the tramp was suspected of laundering money in Cyprus

By Paul Manafort

The user of one of the banks in Cyprus suspected that the accounts associated with Paul Manafort, former head of election headquarters of Donald trump, were used for money laundering. About it reports NBC, citing sources in the banking sector.

According to the American TV channel, since 2007, Manafort had the respect of not less than 10 companies in Cyprus and 15 Bank accounts, many of which were opened in Cyprus popular Bank.

It is noted that the financial institution was liquidated in 2013. Part of financial operations conducted with the use of these accounts aroused suspicion.

In the result, we initiated an international investigation in connection with possible money laundering.

NBC also reports that one of the related companies Manufactm — PEM Advisors Limited — had to do with “transactions worth millions of dollars” with the Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska. After the suspected American closed their accounts, according to the channel.

American political consultant Paul Manafort headed the election headquarters of the presidential campaign of 2016. At various times he was an adviser in the headquarters of the Republican Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and Bob Dole.