The EU will veto the agreement on Brexit

The EU will veto the agreement on Brexit

Moscow. March 29. INTERFAX.RU — the European Parliament would veto the agreement on the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, if not will keep for Europeans rights to life and a trip to the UK that they had before the start of the procedure Brexit, the newspaper reported The Guardian.

“The head of the EU negotiating group on Brexit Michel Barnier, members of Parliament, it is understood that concerned about what the British government wants to 29 March, the day when it will formally notify the EU about the intention to leave the Union — was the date of the cessation of free movement of people”, — writes the edition.

This question Barnier, the European parliamentarians discussed the night on Tuesday.

According to the newspaper, a five-page resolution clarifying the position of the European Parliament, which will put up for vote April 5, was designed to eliminate the possibility of restriction of the rights of Europeans who intend to visit Britain in the next two years.

It was previously reported that the British government believes that after the law on March 29, arriving in Britain with an EU passport will change. However, the representatives of the British government to officially declare that the matter is still the subject of debate.

Prime Minister Theresa may on March 29 will officially start the procedure of Brexit, which is expected to last for two years. It starts with an official letter in which London will inform Brussels about the start of Brexit.