Pamfilova told, due to what will reduce the number of parties


RIA Novosti

The head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova believes that the downward trend in the number of parties in Russia will continue, the inactive parties will gradually disappear, according to her, seven dozen of the existing participate in the elections only about forty parties.

The Chairman of the CEC on Tuesday met with the head of the Central Committee of the party “Communists of Russia” Maxim by Caricinum.

Answering questions of journalists following the meeting, Pamfilova noted that after liberalization of the legislation and simplify the registration of parties, their number increased sharply and was approaching eighty. Currently in Russia there are about seventy parties.

“And in fact real parties are much smaller, and we see it. Now the process is reversed — a number of parties ‘financial reports do not pass, it is clear that there is nothing there”, she added, suggesting that the process of reducing the number of parties will continue.

“Given the opportunity, given a chance, now who wants to participate (in the elections)… Pacifiers, I think in the next few years will simply disappear as the party that is not involved in election campaigns, it is not a party,” said the CEC head.

Assessment of the Central election Commission, last year, in election campaigns of different levels were attended by over forty parties.

“It’s more real picture shows — not seventy, at least four dozen. If we talk about the four tens, it is still not quite all Federal pariah. Somewhere stronger in some regions, there are winning. If we talk about the Federal level, we have a dispute with my Deputy. He’s like a pessimist, I as an optimist: I say within twenty (parties), he said no, ten,” — said Pamfilova.

As for the possibility of legislative changes in this area, she noted that the process of complex improvement of the legislation is not fast, he can go for a year or two.

“This will largely depend on how all participants work on this legislation to find a common language, will there be a consensus. Maybe somehow it will change. And maybe it will be enough, that now is — and in real-time, real-party struggle will be eliminated those who are not worth anything, maybe for this and do not have any legal barriers. Don’t want to answer for all, let’s see,” — said Pamfilova.