Trump canceled the order Obama on combating climate change

Donald Trump The US President Donald trump has signed a decree on the abolition adopted by its predecessor, Barack Obama measures to combat climate change. On Tuesday, March 28, reports TASS. The ceremony was held at the Federal Agency for the protection of the environment. Trump expressed the opinion that Obama’s decision is detrimental to US energy and those who work in this field. Before signing he declared about the beginning of a “new era of American energy.” “The decree that I signed today, eliminate excessive Federal oversight, it will allow our workers to develop, compete and win in equal competition for the first time in a long time”, — quotes the owner of the White house Agency. In 2015, Obama signed Executive order requirements to reduce emissions of power plants into the atmosphere and impose restrictions on methane emissions and oil and gas extraction method of hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

Lavrov revealed the secrets of successful work

A good memory and the physical form — the key to successful operation. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has declared, answering questions of readers of the newspaper “Arguments and facts”, interview published on the newspaper’s website on Wednesday, March 29. “Good memory, as well as physical form — an essential condition for successfully carrying out leadership tasks, the most productive work”, — said the foreign Minister. The diplomat explained that the nature of the professional activities he and his colleagues in the Russian foreign Ministry are dealing with a large volume of information, and “the process of remembering becomes a habit”. Lavrov also explained that leisure time remains a little. “However, despite a very busy schedule, at least once a week I play football. Don’t forget about the rafting: try to find a year few days to rafting on mountain rivers,” he said. March 21, Sergey

In case of fire in the Moscow service station man died

In case of fire in the service station in the North-East of Moscow man died. On Tuesday, March 28, reports TV channel “360”, citing a source in the emergency services. The fire occurred on the street pleshcheeva. Flame spread over an area of 100 square meters. According to network edition lit up converted into workshops garage cabinets, in which there were gas cylinders. Rescuers managed to prevent the explosion — cylinders quickly pulled out of the buildings. After that, the fire was liquidated. In connection with the death of men being tested, reported on the website of the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee in Moscow. To determine the exact cause of the fire is appointed fire-technical examination.