Named the best tourist destination in 2017

Named the best tourist destination in 2017

Spring is gaining strength, Matures and therefore the holiday season. Organization travellers, TripAdvisor has compiled a list of the best tourist destinations in 2017.

In the first place is the popular Indonesian island of Bali. The waters surrounding the white sand beaches of Bali, ideal for diving, and the thick jungle attract researchers, said the service.

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In second place — London, where a fine mix of history, art, fashion, food, and good British ale.

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The third line of the rating took Paris with an Eiffel tower and arc of triumph, sung by poets and writers.

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Eiffel tower

The fourth was Rome, reminiscent of a Museum without a roof. The top five rounded out new York, is impossible to study, visiting it only once.

The top ten hit the island of Crete, the Spanish city of Barcelona, Cambodian Siem Reap and the Czech Prague and the 11th place is the island of Phuket (Thailand), which is located in Istanbul.

Russian St. Petersburg was 14 popular destinations, Vietnam Hoi an and the island of Roatan, known among fans of ekosport.

The list also includes Marrakech (Morocco), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Playa del Carmen (Mexico), Dubai (UAE), the Cayman Islands and Kathmandu.