In the Libyan Tobruk family died in the fall of the fighter on their house

In the Libyan Tobruk family died in the fall of the fighter on their house

MOSCOW, 29 Mar — RIA Novosti. Three members of one family were victims of the crash of a fighter in the city of Tobruk in Eastern Libya, reports news portal Afrigate, citing its correspondent.

In Tobruk based Parliament of Libya that has not recognized the government of massoglia in Tripoli. Ally of the Parliament is the national army, the air force, which owned the crashed military plane.

The portal reported that the crash happened Wednesday morning in a residential area in the South of Tobruk. The plane crashed on a private house, causing the fire started. His victims were the head of the family, his wife and one of his sons. The pilot also failed to escape.

Breaking News1: A Dignity Operation fighter aircraft crashes into a house in Tarsha district in Tobruk.

The Libya Observer (@Lyobserver) 29 Mar 2017

As reports Agence France Presse with reference to the press attache of the Libyan army, Ahmed al-Mismari, the crash happened due to technical problems. He confirmed the death of pilot who was returning to base after raids on Islamist positions near Tobruk. According to the Agency, crashed MiG-21.

Earlier in March, MiG-21, the Libyan air force crashed in another Eastern city of Benghazi of Libya as a result of attack by fighters. The accident without casualties, the fighter pilot then remained alive.