Fallon: Russia’s behavior is becoming “more assertive”



Russia is behaving more and more “confident and assertive”. This view was made by the defense Minister of Britain Michael Fallon. His words RIA Novosti reported.

“When it comes to Russia, we clearly understand the model behavior, which is becoming more and more self-confident and assertive,” said Fallon.

His statement Fallon made at the international security conference in London. The Minister added that the British authorities would like Russia “restricted reckless military activity and stopped the misinformation.” Fallon stressed that as long as between the two countries have restored relations, it is better to follow the setting of “to cooperate, but beware.”

On 27 March, the foreign Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson postponed a trip to Russia. The foreign Ministry said that this is due to changes in the schedule of foreign Ministers of countries participating in NATO.