Employee of the state Department was accused of concealing the receipt of gifts from the Chinese

The building of the U.S. Department of state

In the USA the employee of the Department of state is charged with making false statements to the FBI about interaction with a foreign intelligence agent. This was reported on the website of the American Ministry of justice.

According to authorities, 60-year-old Candace Mary Claiborne who have access to classified information not reported on their contacts with Chinese intelligence agents, who provided her and her family a variety of gifts and services to tens of thousands of dollars. Speech, in particular, cash, iPhone, portable computer, gifts for the Chinese New year, food, tours, teaching in a Chinese school fashion, a fully furnished apartment and monthly stipend.

The official is accused of obstructing an investigation, which resulted in the concealment of these relations. According to the prosecution, after they become known in the state Department and the FBI, Claiborne instructed his accomplices to destroy evidence.

“Claiborne has used his position and access to sensitive diplomatic data for personal gain,” reads the press release.

The FBI arrested Claiborne, on Tuesday, March 28. On Wednesday she appeared before the district court of the district of Columbia.

It is reported that Claiborne began to work at the state Department in 1999. She has worked abroad in countries such as Iraq, Sudan, China.

The Ministry of justice reminds that for obstructing an official investigation can receive a sentence up to 20 years in prison. The maximum penalty for false testimony to the FBI — five years in prison.