Drones to monitor protesters with Russians



Regardie plans to ensure public order in places of mass actions with the help of drones. This was stated by the Deputy commander Oleg Borukaev in interview to TV channel “NTV”.

According to him, the country is rapidly developing UAV technologies and systems for air surveillance. Borukaev believes that this technique will contribute to the monitoring of situation in places of mass actions.

The commander also stressed that Resguardo expects retooling. The main accent will make the weapon non-lethal effects.

This is due to the fact that in some situations the use of military weapons is not just advisable but impossible. However, to perform a number of tasks need “special funds”, — Deputy commander, Lieutenant General Oleg Borukaev.

Earlier it became known that Asgardia will participate in the WHO in the North Caucasus. According to the presidential Decree, the head of the joint group on implementation of counter-terrorism operations will be the head of Regardie. Read more>>