Competition with robots frightened British masons

Competition with robots frightened British masons

In the UK from the US would arrive semi-automatic robot, nicknamed Sam. During the day he is able to create a clutch of three thousand bricks, six times exceeds the capabilities of the average Builder. Reported by the Daily Mail.

British builders fear that the introduction of semi-automatic machines will lead to massive job cuts.

The robot consists of a conveyor belt, manual positioner and concrete pump. To maintain the machine you need two people, one of which will be loaded with bricks, and the second to level the concrete.

He’s not late for work, capable of working round the clock without breaks for lunch, and the quality of masonry is not inferior to that of an experienced bricklayer. Sam created in the U.S. over two years ago, the new York company Construction Robotics. During this time in some parts of the country, he managed to replace the hundreds of builders.