CEC counted living without money party

Nikolay Bulaev

More than half of the Russian party presented to the Central election Commission reports that show accounts with no funds, said Deputy Chairman of the Central electoral Commission Nikolay Bulaev. His words leads TASS on Wednesday, March 29.

“Of the 76 political parties submitting to the Commission information for the fourth quarter, 40 introduced the “zero reporting”. Four parties violated the deadline for the submission of statements,” said Bulaev.

He noted that the test results sent to all parties for inspection or removal of defects. The violation of the time reporting entails administrative responsibility, reminded Bulaev.

On 28 March the Commission completed the verification of the information on the receipt and expenditure of funds of political organizations in the fourth quarter of 2016, said the Agency.

In December of last year the state Duma adopted a bill to increase state funding of political parties. The so-called cost of voice — the amount that the budget allocates to each party received the vote, it has increased from 110 to 152 rubles.

In 2015, according to the CEC, the accounts of “United Russia” 3,5 billion rubles received from the budget and 1.7 billion from other sources, mainly donations. Together with the EP the three richest parties in the country entered Communist party (1.3 and 0.2 billion respectively) and “Fair Russia” (1 and 0.1 billion rubles).

The right to receive state support the party who has overcome the three-percent barrier in the elections. They also have the right to receive the income from civil-legal transactions, entrance and membership fees and entrepreneurial activities.