Wife françois Fillon has charged

Penelope Fillon, François Fillon

In respect of the spouse of the candidate in presidents of France Franus visit Penelope, launched a formal investigation into a bogus job placement, the TV channel BFM TV.

Penelope Fillon after questioning was charged with aiding and harboring a misappropriation of public funds, complicity in abuse of public property and concealing fraud with aggravating circumstances.

On 14 March it was reported that the investigation was opened in relation to the visit. He is suspected in embezzlement and waste of public funds. Later he was also suspected of fraud with aggravating circumstances.

January 25 in the newspaper Le Canard enchaîné published an article in which it was alleged that for several years, Penelope Fillon fictitiously listed as assistant to her husband, at a time when he was a Deputy of the lower house of Parliament (the National Assembly), for which he received 500 thousand euros.

Later, the amount appearing in the case of funds raised to 900 thousand Euro, and accusations of fictitious work were advanced to the son and daughter visit.

Election of the President of France will be held in two rounds — on April 23 and may 7.