Rogozin came up with a rap about “mastermachine and otmorozennogo” Ukraine


RIA Novosti

Deputy Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Rogozin said the author’s REP for a statement of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about the attempts of Moscow to blow up the country from within. The text Deputy Prime Minister posted on his page in Facebook on Monday, March 27.

“Ukraine has Rashoroshina, Aroused, stirred up, Laugh, sleep deprived, Obeshali, the Case was made, otprasili, used to Live — not grieve, And now — collapsed”, — wrote Deputy Prime Minister (the spelling of the author saved — approx. “Of the”).

The text he titled as “REP of Ukraine”.

Earlier on Monday, Poroshenko at the celebration of the national guard under stated that Moscow is trying to embroil Ukrainians. “Russia has long realised that outwardly, Ukraine bare hands will not take it,” he said.

Dmitry Rogozin has regularly commented on the statements of the authorities of foreign States, especially Ukraine, on their pages in social networks. In particular, last week he compared the working methods of the security Service of Ukraine with the actions of the Gestapo — state police of the Third Reich, which operated in the years 1933-1945.

March 19, Deputy Prime Minister commented on Twitter the words of the head of the foreign Ministry Pavel klimkina, who promised to return freedom to the inhabitants of the Crimea. “Well, brake! They are both free,” he wrote.