Near the White house arrested a man with a suspicious package

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Employees of the U.S. Secret service detained near the White house a man with a suspicious package. About it reports Reuters.

According to the press Secretary of the service, the decision on detention was accepted after unknown headed toward one of the officers guarding the entrance leading to the residence of the President. The man was remanded in custody, to the place called the brigade of engineers.

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After the incident on the perimeter of the White house had established the cordon, the entrance to the East wing temporarily banned.

On March 10, a man named Jonathan Tran entered the territory of the White house. As explained by the offender, he “did just so”. Failed to apprehend him only 16 minutes. Such a serious delay was the occasion for an internal investigation and the Secret service leadership has promised to take measures to eliminate gaps in the security system. The Tran faces up to 10 years in prison.

On 16 March it became known that employees of the U.S. Secret service guarding the eight-year-old grandson of President Donald trump, made a selfie with a sleeping baby. The boy woke up at the time of shooting. In respect of employees under investigation.