Mizulina spoke out against the treatment of children’s souls school psychologists

Elena Mizulina

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Elena Mizulina acted against the emergence of psychologists in all Russian schools, RIA Novosti reported.

“You imagine, school psychologist will talk to your child and to record in your absence, to treat it virtually the soul,” — said Mizulina. “And all this is going into a single database “Contingent”, where everything is about the baby, starting from scratch and for life. I say terrible things,” she added.

The Senator noted that the data collected will not be available to parents, but they can in your goals are hackers. Therefore, Mizulina proposed to prevent the adoption of the law on the establishment of a system of “Contingent”.

At the end of December 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected approved by the state Duma and Council of Federation the law on the establishment of Federal and regional information systems “students”. Later the Duma Committee on education and science suggested to create a conciliation Commission to finalize the text of the document.

Rejected under the bill, the system was planned to include information on the number of students in any given educational organization. Also had to be created a registry of all organizations working on public educational programs. In addition, it was proposed to collect information about students, their results and achievements.