Lavrov: to improve relations with the United States is not easy, but Russia is ready to go part of the way

© Anton novoderezhkin/TASS

MOSCOW, March 28. /TASS/. To improve Russian-American relations will not be easy, but Russia is ready to go part of the way. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in interview to the newspaper “Arguments and facts”.

“Donald trump went on elections under the slogan “Again make America great”. We do not and cannot be against this objection, provided that the realization of this goal does not involve damage to other countries,” – said the Minister.

“Between Russia and the United States possible a constructive dialogue on any bilateral and international issues, if it will be built in the spirit of equality, mutual benefit, real respect and consideration of each other’s interests, without trying to blackmail and impose their will – says Lavrov. Only on this basis can improve the atmosphere and quality of bilateral relations, to bring them back to the path of progressive development”.

“To achieve this is not easy. But, as emphasized by Russian President Vladimir Putin, we are ready to go part of the way,” said Lavrov.

Russia, according to Lavrov is open to working with the administration of U.S. President Donald trump on improvement of the situation in the bilateral relations.

“Unfortunately, in recent years, Russian-American relations has seriously deteriorated: the previous US administration deliberately destroyed many decades created the Foundation of cooperation, launched against our country by various unfriendly acts, and introduced new sanctions”, – said the Minister.

“As repeatedly said Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was not our choice, – Lavrov reminded. We have always been interested in the normal interaction with the US, offered to work together to find solutions to the problems of the modern world, together to face dangerous challenges and threats, such as international terrorism”.

“Today, we are open to working with the administration of President Donald trump on the improvement in relations, the Minister noted. – However, to achieve this will succeed only if Washington would in fact take into account our national interests, to perceive Russia as an equal partner”.