Filled with wine vest James cook refused to buy

Filled with wine vest James cook refused to buy

Auction house Aalders Auctions auctioned a vest that belonged to British Explorer and cartographer captain James cook. On Monday, March 27, according to Reuters.

Estimated value of the lot ranged from 610 to 760 thousand dollars. Buyers have not yet been found. The maximum amount offered for an item of clothing two centuries ago, amounted to about 438 thousand dollars. Currently the owner of the vest is negotiating with a potential buyer.

This vest was kept in the family cook after his death in 1779. In the early XX century it was bought by a British industrialist and gave a famous pianist ruby rich of Sydney.

According to the representative of the auction house, the artist redrew vest and go out in it at social events, so the clothes were stains from wine. In 1981, the garment was bought by the collector, whose name was not disclosed.

For sale. One waistcoat. Previous owner Captain James Cook. See the full story on @abcnews at 7pm tonight.

— UrsulaMalone (@UrsulaMalone) on 26 March 2017.