Bookmakers said bets on the Russians on the presidential candidates in France


International and Russian bookmaker told RT about how one of the candidates for the French presidency put the Russians and how changing factors in the course of the race.

The average rate on the candidacy of the future French President is 2 thousand rubles, which exceeds the average size of bets on sporting events four times.

“If you look at how varied factors, most importantly not changing them, and changing favorites. When we opened the line, the highest probability of victory was for Sarkozy (Nicolas Sarkozy lost the primaries in November 2016. — RT), now the minimum coefficient of Macron. Also very varied line of marine Le Pen in connection with the scandals and statistics,” said RT Director of marketing BC “Liga Stavok” Yuri Vervekin.

Both foreign and Russian betting companies set the lowest coefficient for the rates of Emmanuel Macron, followed by marine Le Pen, françois Fillon and Benoit Hamon.