Timid ostrich died in a zoo in Kaliningrad because of the visitors

Timid ostrich died in a zoo in Kaliningrad because of the visitors

One-year-old African ostrich died in a zoo in Kaliningrad, frightened by visitors. This was reported in the Monday, March 27, on the website of the institution.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon. Visitors, presumably, began to feed the young female ostrich through the fence of the enclosure. Animal reached for the food, and then got scared, jerked backwards and hit his head on the cross bar. As a result, the bird arrived at the zoo in December of 2016, received a fractured skull and died.

Upon the death of the animal, the institution is preparing a statement to the police and asks witnesses to the incident to contact them.

In the near future it is planned to make changes in the design of the enclosure of ostriches, so they could not communicate with your visitors. In particular, its side walls will sheathe Croaker, front planted thorny plants, and will also install the fence.

In addition, the zoo intends to apply to the Kaliningrad regional Duma. The administration consider it necessary to initiate changes in the law to create an effective system of fining people who violate rules of behavior in zoos.

Earlier in March, it was reported that students threw stones of two flamingos, then scored one of the birds in the Czech town of Jihlava. In February it became known about the death of the only in El Salvador, Hippo because of the attack is unknown.