The winner of the mascot contest of the world youth festival will fly into space

Less than a week remains for those wishing to apply for the competition mascot of world festival of youth and students (WFMS), which will be held in Russia in the autumn of 2017. Sketches are accepted until Friday, March 31, said “the” the press service of the festival.

“Participation in the competition is free to send request to any person over the age of 18 years. After a preliminary screening for compliance to the topics of the expert jury by open vote will choose the 10 best options,” β€” said the representative of press-service.

These images will be posted on the official website and social networks WFMS for the General vote. The final results of the jury will sum up April 14. Drawing-the winner will become the official symbol and mascot of the festival.

Management address WFMS 2017 receives hundreds of filings with the ideas of a new mascot, said the head of the Directorate for preparation and holding of the festival Ksenia Razuvaev.

“For the competition come from different corners of the globe from Asia to Latin America. Artists and designers still have time until the end of this week. We are confident that the new symbol will be truly of the people,” she said.

Razuvaev recalled how warmly welcomed the participants of the previous talisman of the Moscow festival of youth 1985 β€”the girl Katyusha with a dove in his hands.

“Images of this blue-eyed smiling girls during the festival, decorated the whole of Moscow, icons and mascot dolls Katyusha foreign guests took with him to the different parts of the world,” β€” said the head of the Directorate.

In a press-service of the festival reported that among the pictures sent to the contest more than any come across images of doves and bears. A little less dolls, dog and girl Katyusha. Also, the authors are popular dolphins, heat and bird shapes of human hands. Some confusion of the jury caused drawings of pies with eyes and lizards.

As a reward to the author of the best work will pay way to Sochi, which will host key festival events, accommodation as a guest of honor, and admission to all events WFMS-2017. The finalists will receive prizes with symbols of the festival.

The winner, whose drawing will become the official mascot of the festival, in April, will go into space. Details of the event, the organizers did not disclose, but, according to the head of the press service WFMS Anton Pashkov, space definitely will. “We come to any creative task. Therefore, the space is guaranteed!”, he said.

XIX world festival of youth and students will take place from 14 to 22 October in Sochi. It is planned that it will visit 20 thousand young professionals in various fields from 150 countries at the age from 18 to 35 years.

Festival events will be held throughout the country. On 14 October in Moscow will host the international carnival parade, 2 thousands of foreign visitors in the first days WFMS will visit Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, and St. Petersburg, Sevastopol, Kaliningrad and other cities of the country.

The decision to hold the event in Russia was adopted on 7 February 2016 at the international consultative meeting of the world Federation of democratic youth (WFDY). WFMS was twice held in the USSR β€” in 1957 and 1985.