The state Department called the detention of Navalny and his supporters insult to democracy

Mark Toner

The United States condemned the detention of hundreds of protesters in Russia, calling these measures an “assault on democratic values”, reports Reuters.

“We urge the Russian government to immediately release all peaceful demonstrators,” said state Department spokesman mark Toner in a statement.

He added that Washington was “concerned” after learning of the arrest of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Sunday, March 26, Tverskaya street in Central Moscow, Navalny supporters tried to stage an unauthorized mass event. In it, according to police, was attended by 7-8 thousand people.

Police arrested according to sources, the Agency RIA Novosti, more than 800 people. Navalny was detained shortly after his appearance at the event.

Moscow authorities deny the opposition to agree action, offered to transfer her to Sokolniki and Lublin, however, the organizers refused to do so.