The Senator proposed to introduce criminal punishment for street racing

Vadim Tulpanov

The head of the Federation Council Committee on rules Vadim Tulpanov proposed to introduce criminal liability for gross violation of public order while driving. The relevant draft law he intends to submit to the state Duma, reports TASS.

The document proposes to expand the list of aggravating circumstances of article 213 of the Russian Criminal code (“Hooliganism”) through the Commission of an offense while driving a vehicle. The maximum sanction this article — imprisonment for the term up to five years.

The Senator explained the need for the introduction of criminal responsibility for gross violation of public order committed when driving a vehicle, “the emergence of a higher degree of danger to society and a threat to human life as a result of these acts.”

As an example, he cited street racers who “regularly racing in the streets”. Currently, the most severe punishment for such offenders is the imposition of administrative sanctions.

As noted Tulips set out in the Code on administrative offences, the sanctions do not perform effective preventive function, in connection with which he proposes to punish these offences according to the norms of the criminal code.

Earlier, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky suggested to enter the link as a punishment for street racing.