The campaign against corruption in Moscow: about 850 detainees

The campaign against corruption in Moscow: about 850 detainees

Bulk spend the night in the police Department, employees of the FBC was taken to the police office, city hall, the police called perfect.

The opposition leader and the initiator of the action against corruption Alexei Navalny detained near the metro station “Mayakovskaya”, said his press Secretary, Kira Yarmish. He said on Twitter that he’s fine: “I don’t need to recapture. Walk along Tverskaya. Our topic today — the fight against corruption.”

A police bus, where he was imprisoned, surrounded the protesters. According to RBC, the bus was trying to shake. When he was leaving, after he chanted “shame”, reported the correspondent of “Vedomosti”. Later it became known that the police Department he began to draw up the Protocol on administrative charges of violation of order of holding mass actions. Armys around 19.00 announced that he has issued “administrative arrest” and he will be in custody before trial, the court scheduled for Monday.

Moscow / 26.03.17 @navalny

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Microblogging “Radio Liberty” about an hour after the beginning of the action reported about the thousands of protesters and dozens of detainees. “In place of the inconsistent public events on Tverskaya street of Moscow city and the surrounding areas there are about 7000-8000 people,” — said at 15.25 GMT the website of GU MVD of Moscow.

Bloomberg notes that the independent estimates of the number of shares no, but it seems that it is the most mass event in Moscow for five years

According to “OVD-info” at 20.30, in the city arrested 846 people, they delivered in 36 offices.

At the heart of many police and vigilantes in the streets are the police, the bus, above the center of flying a helicopter. On the odd side of Tverskaya basically go to Pushkin on the even back, reports the journalist of “echo of Moscow” Alexander plushev shortly after the start of the event. Participants of the unsanctioned rally going in the direction of motion of vehicles on both sides of Tverskaya street, reported the correspondent of “Vedomosti”.


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Among the participants were people with Russian flags and those who bear sneakers — Bulk offered to hang sneakers on the neck and so to go along Tverskaya (in the movie “He’s not Dimon” Navalny claims that cases of corruption they have identified, allegedly due to the sneakers, who bought Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev).

In 16.04 Navalny said on Twitter that he was taken to the police Department and it’s all right. “Sit, discuss with the police the film is about Dimona. Go on a peaceful walk. The weather is good.” He thanked all for the support, but suggested not to change the agenda and continue to discuss the corruption, not detention for shares.

The action on Tverskaya Bulk proposed to be held in the format of a walk. From the point of view of organizers, the action is lawful and automatically coordinated because the municipality refused to negotiate its implementation at the provided address, but did not suggest alternatives in the statutory period. Authorities believe that the action on Tverskaya illegal as it was not agreed to. As reported by blogger Philip Kireev, “the police using a bullhorn calling on all agreed action in Sokolniki”.


As the correspondent of TASS around 14.40, more than 300 people from the metro station “Belarusian” started traffic on the Tver street towards the centre. A large number of people gathered on the roadway near the house No. 30, after which the police began to detain them. People accompany “Ural” with the soldiers of Regardie. In addition, the detention was in Pushkin square, where gathered a large number of people. At the entrance to Pushkin’s a crowd, reported the correspondent of “Vedomosti” at 15.00 GMT.

The entrance to the area by that time was virtually locked down so come people flocked to approach. Along the street lined up with police dogs to force on pavements released on the roadway people. At 15.05 to Pushkin drove a convoy of paddy wagons. Five minutes before this reporter Republic reported that “in Pushkin already fully scored one van, he left, besides demonstrators and twisted photographer”. “Pushkin square is cordoned off. Mass flow going to her for Tver stopped. On the road — the astronauts,” reported ivy.

Pushkin square is cordoned off. Mass flow coming to it for the Tver stopped. On the road – the astronauts

— Plushev (@plushev) March 26, 2017

Around 15.15 GMT the project “OVD-info” reported that in Moscow at least 130 detainees and detention continue. The project site is not available, the information is laid out on its pages in social networks. Then the correspondent reported that on Pushkin square tightened additional forces of the riot police in the special uniform. A reporter for the Guardian covering the rally and detention, found himself in the paddy wagon, despite attempts to inform the security forces that he was a journalist.

Pushkin, detention

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After 16.00 among the detainees was a journalist and RBC Timofey Dzyadko. 16.20 “Freedom” reported about the detention of the journalist of “Echo” Alexandra ivy. At about 16.05, he said that on Pushkin the police threatened to use lethal weapons. 17.13 in “the Media” reported about the detention of the publisher of Peter Verzilova.

In 16.36 the source TASS in law enforcement bodies reported at least 200 of the detainees. “The number of detainees exceeded 200 people, there is no accurate data. A large number of people are still in the buses and delivered to different ATS”, — he explained. In 16.52 “OVD-info” reported 358 detainees. In 17.11 the correspondent of “Vedomosti” reported that detained more than 400.

The number of detainees exceeded 500, reported at 17.00 the source TASS in law enforcement bodies of the capital

He suggested that most of them will be drawn up administrative protocols under article 20.2 of the administrative code (“violation of the established procedure of organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or picketing”). Part is released after the conversation.

The police and the office of the FBC

In the office of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) police came, inside is not included, according to the microblog of “Radio Liberty”. Later, news agencies reported that of the business-center “omega Plaza”, where the office conducted a mass evacuation, brought out over 500 people. “At Leninskaya Sloboda, 19, building business-the centre is carried out the evacuation after reports of a bomb threat,” — said the source “Interfax” in emergency services. Source TASS in law enforcement estimated the number of evacuees 300.

FBK employees, despite the evacuation, were broadcast from the center of Moscow. In 16.22, they reported that in the office turned off the electricity. Leonid Volkov said that the stream switched to the backup Studio. 16.31 Volkov wrote that in the office of the police came, asked everyone to leave and him to stay. According to him, the police major asked him whether it was sanctioned by the stream, which was led by the FCO. Around 19.00 it was found that the bombs in the building is not found. In a press-service of the MIA TASS said the caller was looking for.

About 16.50 Navalny said that everyone in the office staff and the FBC was detained and taken to the police

Director of FBK Roman Rubanov, who also was detained, said that investigative actions in the office of the Fund coming under article 282 of the criminal code — incitement of hatred and enmity. The press-Secretary of the FCO and the Bulk Kira Armys then confirmed that Volkov do impute the 282-th article, the rest is unclear. According to her, in OVD “Danilovskoe” delivered 17 members of the Fund. After 19.00 Armys reported that detainees charged with an article on disobedience to lawful demands of police officers, Volkov kept separate from the others, and the lawyer for him could not get there.

GU MVD of Moscow officially

On the website research Affairs in Moscow reports about the detentions came after 15.00. “About 14.30 at the intersection of Tverskaya street and the Mamonovsky lane, the Metropolitan police detained one of the organizers of inconsistent public events. Currently, he was taken for drawing up the Protocol on administrative offense,” reads one message. The detainee is not named. Later in the message added: “He was taken for drawing up the Protocol on administrative offense under article 20.2 of the administrative code” (article on violation of the established procedure of organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or picketing).

Police also confirmed reports that on Pushkin square was sprayed gas irritants. The perpetrators are looking for

“The police have shown themselves perfectly. The staff acted properly and professionally. They have coped with their task — provide security in this cluster of people on a fairly limited area,” said around 18.00 “Interfax” the head of Department of regional security and combating corruption Moscow Vladimir Chernikov. On the issue of detentions, he said that in these cases, the police “responded to counter them”.

We must not forget that the event was not sanctioned, and all worked well, explaining to people that the gathering is not necessary. Was provocateurs who specially the situation podogrevayemyy Cervicobrachial of the Department of regional security and combating corruption Moscow

In 18.17 GMT the website of the Moi announced that the city arrested about 500 protesters. According to “OVD-info”, detainees were more than 700, later this data was again refined.

Messages from the event

Standing at Pushkin square chanted “He’s not Dimon!” and “Putin — thief”, and also from time to time to applaud, reported at 15.26 GMT the correspondent of “Vedomosti”. According to him, people continue to approach, very slowly moving to the area back the “narrow Creek”. Police buses and riot police more and more.


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Have come to share more and more flags, handwritten posters. Protesters often chanted “this is our city,” “Russia will be free”, “Russia without Putin”, said the correspondent of “Vedomosti” at 15.40 MSK. Riot police, according to him, a group of people snatched from the crowd one by one. About Eliseevsky deli riot police from time to time wedged in the crowd on the sidewalk, and grabs someone. They are along the perimeter, and then through the perimeter burst into standing on the sidewalk the crowd and snatch any, including just coming up. Thus in the eyes of the correspondent grabbed at least 10 people in front of the “eliseevskiy”.

15.50 to the movement direction of the Pushkin became more active, the density of the crowd diminished, and people began to move faster. To 16.10, the security forces began to arrest people EN masse, reported the correspondent of “Vedomosti”. “A woman by the hair and just dragged. The people began to move away from Pushkin square” — he gave. The building of “Izvestia”, the police uses batons during the arrest, pressure shields, according to “Novaya Gazeta”. Some protesters went to red square, but could not go — it is closed “for technical reasons”, reports the publication.

At 16: 30 GMT the correspondent of “Vedomosti” reported that many people went through the Kozitsky lane, but the flow in the direction of Pushkin is still going, although its density is much less than before. “Riot police standing along the roadway in cordon, more like people do not touch” — he gave.

After 17: 00 on Tverskaya began to report that one policeman received a kick on the head and lost consciousness. For example, the microblog of the Russian service BBC reports that the blow dealt to the participant. As reported by the Republic, the police began to respond harshly and to use batons.

One of the participants in anti-corruption marches in Moscow hit a police officer kicked in the head. He lost consciousness

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In the beginning of the sixth police, riot police and soldiers of the national guard cleared the Pushkin square from protesters, reported the correspondent of “Vedomosti”. The remaining people continued to chant “shame”. Protesters thronged to the metro stations, continued detention. Some protesters stood on the steps of the cinema “Pushkin”.

17.19 blogger in the audience reported that the Tver removed the cordon.

At about 17: 30 began to sweep the Manezh square and Revolution square, to be broadcast on the homepage of the website “Rain”. First were arrested those who chanted, then began to pull out alone and bring in the paddy wagons. Approximately 17.40 renewed detention and in the area of Pushkinskaya square.