Putin urged Resguardo to fight any attempt of destabilization

Putin urged Resguardo to fight any attempt of destabilization

Asgardia have to “professionally respond to attempts under any pretext to destabilize public order in our country”, said President of Russia Vladimir Putin on solemn evening devoted to day of Regardie (March 27).

“You have a strong staff and extensive professional experience, the necessary operational and technical capabilities, and your direct responsibility maximum use of all this great potential to protect Russia’s national interests, rights and freedoms of our citizens”, — said the President.

In addition, Putin continued, the National guard is entrusted with the task of ensuring reliable protection of the state objects, control over arms trafficking and coordination of security activities in the country, all this in collaboration with civil society.

The head of state handed over to the Director of the Federal service of national guard troops, the commander of the troops of the national guard Viktor Zolotov banner of the Ministry.

It was a symbol of the internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs and now as a sign of continuity of the tradition passes of Regardie.

This military relic that embodies the honor and valor of many generations of defenders of the Motherland symbolizes the glorious tradition, emphasizes their intrinsic historical stasiulaitis Putinprime Russia

Concert for the Day of Regardie, according to bidding documents, cost the state budget of 18.9 million rubles. a Day of national guard troops of the Russian Federation established by presidential decree dated January 16, 2017 It is, in order to maintain military traditions, have abolished on the Day of internal troops of the MIA of Russia.