Policy of Germany will spend a week in the Crimea


RIA Novosti

A delegation of representatives of business and political strata of Germany has arrived in the Crimea.

A delegation of politicians and businessmen from Germany, arrived in Crimea to learn how things are on the Peninsula

The head of the so-called national-cultural autonomy of the Crimea Yuri HEMPEL told of the arrival in Crimea of German guests of high importance. As writes RIA “news” on the island to inspect politicians and business representatives.

The delegation of Germany, as it became known, already preparing for plans in the framework of the visit, which will last a week.

Start your path of German guests decided by exploring the local attractions. It is likely that at home they then shared with many discoveries.

For example, can open the eyes of all who still believe in legends about “Russian aggression”, which remain relevant only because of the absence of people’s ideas about the real situation.