Lavrov discussed with the foreign Minister of Britain, his visit to Russia

Sergei Lavrov The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov during a telephone conversation discussed with his British counterpart Boris Johnson preparing his visit to Moscow. This was reported on the website of the foreign Ministry. As said the Russian foreign Ministry, the conversation was initiated by the British side. Other details of the conversation are given. Earlier on 27 March it became known about the postponement of the visit of Johnson to the Russian capital in connection with changes in the schedule of meetings of foreign Ministers of the NATO countries. At the British Embassy in Russia at the same time noted that the head of the foreign office looks forward to the opportunity to come to Moscow. At the same time the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova expressed surprise at the statement of the British side. “What are they interesting: about the visit to

Trump’s son-in-law volunteered to answer senators ‘ questions about relations with Russia

Jared Kushner Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of U.S. President Donald trump volunteered to answer questions from members of the Senate Committee on intelligence about his alleged ties with Russia. On Monday, March 27, CNN reports with reference to press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer. “Throughout the election campaign and during the transition period Kouchner officially had contact with foreign governments and officials. Given this fact, he volunteered to speak with members of the Senate Committee, but has not yet received any notification about the meeting,” said Spicer. The Committee, in turn, said that Kouchner agreed to the conversation about Russian interference in American elections. “We expect that he will be able to provide answers to our key questions,” Reuters, joint statement of the head of Committee the Senator-Republican Richard Barr and his colleagues from the Democratic party of mark Warner. Earlier on March 27, it was reported that

The British defense Minister has blamed Russia of self-confidence and assertiveness

Michael Fallon The British defense Secretary Michael Fallon said that Russia is becoming more “confident and assertive”. This opinion he expressed on Monday, March 27, during his speech at the international security conference in London. His words are on the Agency’s website. “When it comes to Russia, we clearly understand the pattern of behavior that is becoming more self-confident and assertive. We want Moscow changed its position, perform the Minsk agreement, restricted reckless military activity and stopped the misinformation,” said the Minister. Fallon noted that only under these conditions will have the opportunity to improve relations with Russia. “Meantime, we must “cooperate, but watch out for” as saying Prime Minister (Teresa may — approx. “Of the”), “—said the head of Department. 16 Feb Fallon accused Russia of trying to destabilize the West and NATO, including through the media. According to him, Moscow is implementing a “soft propaganda” in the

Volgogradets attacked the police for detaining the stranger at the rally

In Volgograd 23-year-old local resident attacked police officers, detained in the street by a stranger. This was reported on the website of the regional investigative Department of the Investigative Committee. According to investigators, the incident occurred on Sunday, March 26, during lunchtime in the Central area of the city near the restaurant “Rice”. “The suspect saw the police detained previously unknown man, being dissatisfied with the legitimate action of the authorities hit one of them set foot”, — stated in the message of the police. The suspect was arrested, he pleaded guilty. A criminal case under part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code (“violence against a representative of power”). According to the newspaper “Bloknot Volgograd”, the incident occurred during an unauthorized rally held by supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The suspect was a student of Volgograd socio-pedagogical University. notes that only in Volgograd have detained more

Zakharova have compared the words Poroshenko about Ukraine with description of a frog

Maria Zakharova The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about the attempts of Moscow to blow up the Republic from the inside. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook on Monday, March 27. “As if their country says, and hedgehog in some or the frog,” wrote the diplomat. Earlier on Monday, Poroshenko at the celebration of the national guard under stated that Moscow is trying to embroil Ukrainians. “Russia has long realised that outwardly, Ukraine bare hands will not take it,” he said. Deputy Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Rogozin in response to this posted on his page in Facebook “rap Ukraine”. The product is said that the country “has Rashoroshina, aroused, stirred up”. Kiev regularly accuses Moscow of aggressive intentions and involvement in the fighting in the Donbass. The Ukrainian courts refused to admit the fact of armed

Indonesian airport ceiling onto people

Indonesian airport ceiling onto people MOSCOW, 27 Mar — RIA Novosti. In the waiting room of the international airport Supadi in Indonesia, the ceiling fell. The incident was recorded by surveillance cameras. The record shows that as people scatter in different directions, trying to Dodge falling debris. The incident resulted in injuring five people, reports the Jakarta Globe. All of them were provided with the necessary assistance. It is reported that the airport has returned to normal operation.

Maksakova concert of Ukrainian songs in memory of Boronenkov

Maksakova concert of Ukrainian songs in memory of Boronenkov Singer Maria Maksakova will perform a concert of Ukrainian song in memory of her husband, eks-the Deputy of the state Duma Denis Boronenkov. She stated “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. According to Maksakova, at first she thought to cancel. We are talking about the program of Ukrainian songs with the orchestra. “But I decided that I’ll take two fun songs and sing this program in the Ukrainian language in memory of Dennis on the ninth day. He was Ukrainian, a Ukrainian died, and he was buried in Kiev”, — said the singer. As stressed by Maria Maksakova, she should do it, although, “many will explode the brain.” The singer did not rule out what you’ll wear for the performance dress, which she got married. Voronenkov was killed on March 23, a former soldier of the Ukrainian national guard. Earlier it was reported that Boronenkov

In Azerbaijan, the groom will sue guests who didn’t attend the wedding

In Azerbaijan, the groom will sue guests who didn’t attend the wedding BAKU, 27 Mar RIA Novosti news Agency, Vugar Hasanov. The groom in Azerbaijan suing no-show wedding guests, transfers on Monday Agency Vesti.Az with reference to the lawyer Vugar Safarli. “Azerbaijan promises to start not the usual litigation. As stated by lawyer Vugar Safarli, a man who refused to give his name, told the lawyer that he was going to sue the persons who were invited but did not attend his wedding,” — reports the Agency. The report notes that to meet such an appeal is unrealistic. “We have to recognize that in recent years in Azerbaijan more and more, those who see the wedding as a kind of business”, — quotes Agency the words of the lawyer.

Guard order: objectives, structure and weapons of Regardie

Guard order: objectives, structure and weapons of Regardie Test “News” will help you understand the structure and working of the Department. March 27 marks the Day of national guard troops of the Russian Federation. The roots of this holiday leave in 1811, when Alexander I issued a decree according to which from the regular provincial mouth was formed battalions of the internal guard. They subsequently became one of the major protective systems of the state. It is worth noting that until recently, this date was celebrated in Russia as the Day of internal troops of the interior Ministry. On their basis was created Asgardia, which this year celebrates its professional holiday. We have prepared a test that will help you understand the structure of the Department and its work.

The defense Ministry told, what determines the success of the operation in raqqa

Photo: RIA Novosti The official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov called the statement of the French Minister of defense Jean-Yves Le Drian about the imminent start of the operation to liberate Raqqa far from reality. It is reported by RIA Novosti. The French Minister said that raqqa, captured by militants of the “Islamic state” (IG, an organization banned in Russia), surrounded by, and her release could begin in the coming days. Konashenkov noted that the optimism Le Drian “has some special national sources of inspiration, not related to the reality and situation on the ground”. He also stressed that the liberation of Raqqa can’t be easy for the international coalition. “The real success and the completion of this operation will depend on the understanding and readiness to coordinate their actions with all forces fighting in Syria against international terrorism”, — he stressed. Konashenkov mentioned