On the moon they found the underground tunnels

On the moon they found the underground tunnels

Japanese researchers explored the hole, spotted on the moon previously. It turned out that inside are miles of tunnels.

Japanese scientists have discovered that the Moon is covered with a huge “underground river” of the ancient basalt lava flows. Following the volcanic flows cooled quickly and compressed, forming underground cavities. Senior researcher, Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA), Jun’ichi Kharuyama discussed one of these lava tubes at the 48th conference of the Lunar and Planetary Science (LPSС) in the United States.

On the Ground also have similar underground formations.

How he found the tunnels?

Japanese scientists began to conduct their investigations not without reason. Back in 2009, was discovered a hole on a plateau Marius Hills.

Later, in 2016, the mission NASA Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) was faced with the gravity entities, which could indicate a deep emptiness in the pit.

Finally, Japanese scientists using radar spacecraft “Kaguya” (SELENE — the second Japanese artificial satellite of the moon) found a similar emptiness in the tens of kilometers from the plateau Marius Hills.

While it is impossible with accuracy to say that this is a lava formation. If a reconnaissance mission to confirm the existence of such tunnels, they can help in a detailed study of the moon. For example, it is a great place to build a colony or research base. The tunnels will provide protection for the settlers against radiation and temperature changes. In the near future scientists intend to continue to explore the lunar pits.

Futurists make a big bet on the colonization of Mars and the moon by mankind.

Conference Lunar and Planetary Science designed for the professional interaction and cooperation of researchers of the lunar and planetary science. Her events were held in Texas in late March.

Daria Efimova