Marine Le Pen predicted the demise of the European Union

Marine Le Pen

The European Union will soon disappear. This was at a meeting in the French city of Lille said the candidate in presidents of the country from the “National front” marine Le Pen, Reuters reports.

The politician also promised to shield France from globalisation. “The EU will die because people don’t want this anymore (…) Arrogant and hegemonic Empire is doomed to destruction (…) the time has Come to defeat the globalists” — said Le Pen.

The leader of the National front, also accused his main rivals in the presidential race of Emmanuel Macron and françois Fillon in “the betrayal of their Pro-European and Pro-market policies.”

Presidential elections in France will take place in April-may this year. According to a public opinion poll of March 23, the victory in the vote, with the support of 26 percent of the French will be Emmanuel macron, representing they also created the movement “Forward!”. Le Pen will take the second place with 25 percent of the vote. François Fillon from the party “the Republicans”, in turn, will receive only 18 percent of the vote.