Lukin: the potential of trust of the Russian Federation and the United States in nuclear disarmament tends to zero


RIA Novosti

Accumulated over many years of potential, the result of which was the conclusion of basic agreements on nuclear disarmament between Russia and the United States, decreases and tends to zero, declared the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Lukin.

“Nuclear proliferation, despite some local successes, overall, moves in adverse direction. The most important thing that is disturbing is that the accumulated potential of trust between the two countries, which spread to other spheres decreases and tends to zero”, — said the Senator, speaking in Washington at the presentation of the book “the Prevention of crisis in nuclear arms control and catastrophic terrorism.”

The publication prepared by experts of the International Luxembourg forum on preventing nuclear catastrophe and the Foundation “Initiative on reducing the nuclear threat” (Nuclear Threat Initiative, USA) represents the views of the experts from Russia and the United States on the most important issues of non-proliferation and the problem of reduction and limitation of nuclear weapons.

According to Lukin, an international agreement between the two countries in this region have become obsolete and are not renewed, and new ones are not, although it is necessary in the modern world.

“The political situation is changing. At the time, the disarmament process was at the center of bilateral relations between Russia and the United States. Then began a period when he was the prevailing view that these processes have faded into the background and was overshadowed by other aspects of the nature of. But no matter how varied the perception of these processes, the situation itself — the issue of mutual destruction (mutual assured destruction) remains unchanged. And if you do not focus on efforts to progress, progress in the creation of obstacles to further uncontrolled quantitative and qualitative weapons, of course we will come to a terrible end,” concluded the Senator.

The international Luxembourg forum on preventing nuclear catastrophe was established by the decision of the International conference on preventing nuclear catastrophe, held on 24-25 may 2007 in Luxembourg. The Advisory Council now includes 49 most reputable and well-known experts from 14 countries.

The forum is one of the most representative non-governmental organizations uniting leading world experts in the field of nuclear non-proliferation, reduction and limitation of armaments. The President of the forum is Viatcheslav Kantor. The main organs of the Forum are the international Advisory Council and the Supervisory Board.

The main objectives of the forum are to analyze threats related to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the development of specific proposals and recommendations on areas for further nuclear arms reduction, strengthening the regimes of nuclear and missile non-proliferation, to counter attempts to acquire nuclear weapons and nuclear technology by unstable regimes and terrorist organizations, according to the resolution of regional nuclear crises.