In the regions began a protest against the truckers, “Plato”

In the regions began a protest against the truckers, “Plato”

In the Russian regions began a protest of truck drivers against the system of collection of tolls on Federal highways “Plato”.

According to local media, this action will take place in St. Petersburg, the Orenburg region, the Astrakhan region, the Amur region, in Udmurtia.

Tube near the “Ribbon” created by truck drivers, striking against the “Plato”

— Astrakhan 24 (@AstrakhanTV24) 27 Mar 2017

Protesters stopped trucks on the side and going to stand up until the “Plato” is not canceled.

Dozens of trucks and cars involved in the truckers ‘ strike in St. Petersburg

— Arseny Vesnin (@ars_ves) 27 Mar 2017

Previously, the Association of carriers of Russia announced that March 27 will host the truckers, which will be attended by not less than 10 000 drivers.

The action was planned, despite the fact that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on 24 March signed a decree on increase of the tariff system “Platon” only 25%, whereas previously the fee had doubled in size. Thus, the fee for trucks from 15 April per kilometer would amount to 1.91 RUB, not RUB 3,91, as previously planned.