In Russian schools may be a new thing

In Russian schools may be a new thing

MOSCOW, 27 Mar — RIA Novosti. In Russian schools may be a new subject of “Modern Russia”, which will be studied by students in grade 11, said the Chairman of the Association of teachers of history and social studies, academician Alexander Chubaryan on Monday at the all-Russia conference “Strategy of teaching history in a secondary school.”

“There is a project at all a new subject in the 11th grade, which will be called “Modern Russia”. It will be the end of the twentieth century on the history, and the elements of social science, which is, and which the subject of geography, which does not exist now in the 11th grade. In General, it’s still being discussed,” Chubaryan said.

In 2013, President Vladimir Putin said that the need to develop unified textbooks of Russian history for school, which will be written in good Russian and devoid of internal contradictions. Was developed and was subjected to public discussion the concept of a new educational-methodical complex on national history.