Floods in Peru have flooded the whole city

Floods in Peru have flooded the whole city

MEXICO city, Mar 27 — RIA Novosti. The city of Piura in northwestern Peru was submerged in the floods that struck the South American country.


According to the Telesur channel, flooded waters of the river Piura flooded the Central part of the village and a few other areas.

The Governor of the region Piura Reynaldo Hivc announced the evacuation of 300 families from the danger zones. “Now we continue to work to evacuate those who want to leave,” said Hivc.

According to the latest authorities, the death toll from severe flooding in Peru has risen to 90 people, another 20 were missing. As stated earlier, defense Minister of Peru, Jorge Nieto Montesinos, only the disaster affected approximately 863 thousand people, including 347 wounded, caused damage to nearly 200 to thousands of homes and other buildings.

The President of Peru Pedro Kuczynski announced the allocation of 2.5 billion soles (approximately 766 million dollars) for reconstruction in connection with that hit the country the strongest floods. Officials called these floods among the most powerful in recent decades, caused by the climatic phenomenon “El niño” in the Pacific ocean.