Demining Blakley seized more than a thousand explosive objects

Demining Blakley seized more than a thousand explosive objects

Explode the ammunition in the Arsenal once every two hours.

The victim of the explosions at the Arsenal of Balakleya cleared.

Moscow. March 26. INTERFAX.RU — demining of the territory of Blakley and neighbouring settlements in the Kharkiv region, rescuers seized 92 1 thousand explosive objects, said Sunday the State service for emergency situations of Ukraine.

As at 20.00 on March 26 at the technical territory of an Arsenal in the village. Balakliya Kharkiv region single observed explosions of ammunition a frequency of 1 explosion in 2 hours. The radius of scattering of splinters does not go beyond the technical areas arsenalisation service for emergency situations of Ukraine

To eliminate individual pockets of decay on the technical territory of an Arsenal from the Ministry of defense of Ukraine were involved in three fire tanks and the engineering obstacle clearing machine. For transportation of water and fuel fire tanks from gschs of Ukraine brought three fire tankers.

Pyrotechnic units DSNs — 75 pyrotechnics and 27 units of special equipment (15 pyrotechnic calculations) — the territory of the city balakliia and nine settlements in the disaster are cleared of explosive subjects.

“Since the beginning of the works withdrawn 1 thousand 92 explosive devices”, said rescuers.

According to SSES, has received 363 applications for the identification of ammunition on the territory of the city, which, as we 20:00 Sunday worked out by pyrotechnic group of the Ministry. In addition, rescuers organized awareness-raising work with the population distributed 6 thousand reminders about actions in case of detection of explosive subjects.

At the scene working staff on elimination of emergency situations, chaired by the head of Balakleya district state administration Stepan Masalskim.

Fire and explosions at munitions depots, located near the town of Balakleya of Kharkov region, began on the night of March 23.