Angarsk maniac charged in 60 murders

Angarsk maniac charged in 60 murders

The investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) showed a convict for life Angarsk maniac Mikhail Popkov charged with 60 murders and attempted murders.

“According to the investigation, Popkov committed in the territory of the Irkutsk region (Irkutsk and the Irkutsk area, Angarsk and Angarsk district, the city of Usolye-Siberian and Usolsky area) for 20 years at least 84 killings,” — said on the Agency’s website.

Age of dead women varies from 16 to 40 years. Their social status and position in society is also different.

In January 2015 a former police officer from Angarsk Irkutsk was recognized as oblsuda guilty of murdering 22 women and attempt on two, and sentenced to life imprisonment. His victims he was looking for on the night streets of the city, offered a ride, often being on duty and then raped them and killed with axes, mallets, shovels in suburban forests. While still in jail, Angarsk maniac began to give the result of the readings on new episodes of the killing. In the course of the investigation of the first case of Popkov, the experts found he had “homicidalmaniac” — non-mental illness is a psychological desire to murder.