The Minister spoke about the scale of the destruction after the explosions in warehouses in Kharkov

The effects of explosions in warehouses in Balakleya

Fire and explosions at an ammunition depot in Balakleya (Kharkiv oblast) resulted in 243 damage to buildings. About this in his Twitter said the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine Gennady Zubko.

“Suffered injuries of different degree 243 of the building, including 117 apartment buildings, 87 private houses”, — is spoken in the message.

In addition, the explosion injured “to 12 objects of social sphere and 22 infrastructure and industry.” At the moment, the authorities continue to investigate the extent of the destruction. Zubko added that the people of the city give the building materials to enable them to independently perform primary repair of the damaged buildings. The stock continued explosions.

The incident occurred in a military warehouse of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine on the night of March 23. As a result of the fire started detonation of ammunition. According to the latest data, in the result of incident killed a woman, another hurt.

The Ukrainian defense Ministry said that the cause of the fire and explosion at the warehouse was a diversion, organized by the Russian military. At the same time in the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic has put forward the version according to which the Ukrainian security forces have staged an emergency, to hide the massive shortage of weapons.