The dam at Raqqa partially collapsed due to the ongoing fighting

Dam “Tabka”, Syria

Dam “Tabka” on the Euphrates river in the vicinity of Raqqa partly fell because of fighting near the town. It is reported by Syrian TV channel Al-Mayadeen, citing the source.

The power plant has suspended work because of the shelling was put out of action the control point. The experts can not reach the scene because of ongoing fighting in the vicinity of the dam.

Clashes between the armed coalition of “Democratic forces of Syria” and members of the banned terrorist group “Islamic state”. Representatives of the opposition fear that in the event of terrorists will undermine the dam.

Sunday, March 26, residents of the Syrian city of Raqqa received from the militants a message with a recommendation to evacuate in connection with the possibility of dam failure. The notification stated that as a result of the air raids of the dam suffered serious damage and she can break, causing flooding.

According to the government of the opposition Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights in Syria, on March 21 following the attack on a school in the suburbs of Raqqa killed at least 30 civilians who had taken refuge in the building. The victims of the air raids of the coalition in the week from 20 to 26 Mar 89 civilians.