The children’s Ombudsman proposed to allow parents to choose a replacement for the Mantoux test

Anna Kuznetsova

Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova sent to the Russian Ministry of health a proposal to allow parents to choose the method to detect TB in their children. She told about it on Saturday, March 25, in the program “Press conference” on TV channel “Russia 24”.

“When I came, one of the volumes of cases was associated with PPD is that parents don’t want to do the manta rays, but they are not accepted in kindergartens are not allowed in the school. We have asked the Ministry of health. Just recently, the issue of providing alternatives that parents had a choice,” said children’s Ombudsman.

She also recalled that such a choice is guaranteed by law and “everyone is free to do, based on their knowledge, beliefs”.

Kuznetsov added that at present, considered several options for the replacement of the sample, among which T — spot. “You can donate blood, otherwise pass these tests. They, too, will be recognized”, she said.

Reaction or the Mantoux test, immunological test, which determines whether there is in the body the TB infection, is carried out by injecting tuberculin (extracts of mycobacteria, used for intradermal diagnostic tests for tuberculosis in humans and animals).

Test T-spot for TB diagnosis have been developed as a replacement for the Mantoux test. In Russia, its use was permitted in 2012.