Ovsyannikov told about the restoration of the road to Simferopol


RIA Novosti

The Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov told about the course of works on liquidation of consequences of a landslide on the route Sevastopol – Simferopol. On Thursday, March 23, the press service of the city government.

“At the first stage will be cleared gutters that have not been cleared for many years, in consequence of which the road turned, actually, into the dam. Next, you will removed the top layer of road, installed a drainage system that will stop the break”, — said Ovsyannikov.

The mayor informed that the amount of funds that are necessary for elimination of consequences of emergency situations. All the restoration work the reserve Fund allocated 70 million rubles, however, today, the contract with the contractor was signed for 25 million rubles.

Ovsyannikov has turned to the social worker with a request to monitor the elimination of an emergency situation. The Governor, in particular, instructed the head of the Sevastopol organization “Road control” Maxim Mishin to conduct daily monitoring, photographic images and soobshaet him about the progress of work.

Two days earlier, it was reported that the government of Sevastopol plans to declare a state of emergency due to a major landslide on the road leading to Simferopol. The landslide on the highway “Sevastopol – Bakhchisaray – Simferopol” intensified in early March. The tear of the roadway in some places reaches two meters.