Made the first commercial flight in the zone of polar lights

Made the first commercial flight in the zone of polar lights

The first commercial flight to the area South of the Aurora landed yesterday in New Zealand. About it reports The Guardian.

Eight-hour Charter flight, with 130 passengers flew from the South island of New Zealand and went to the Antarctic circle. Passengers are promised a magnificent view of the Northern lights.

“Our lives have been changed forever by this incredible flight”, — shared his feelings the passenger Rose Charlton. In the immediate area of the Aurora passengers spent four hours.

The flight was organised on the initiative of the Director of the Otago Museum and the former head of Department on public relations of the Institute of space research with the space telescope by Ian Griffin. “I think the flight went just fine. Green education rapidly moved, it seemed to us that we are watching an extraordinary green river,” said Griffin.

Ever wondered what an aurora australis looks like from 60 South from a Boeing 767? Wonder no more… #flighttothelights

— Ian Griffin (@iangriffin) 23 Mar 2017
The Northern and southern auroras occur when the Earth’s magnetosphere interacts with the charged particles of the solar wind.

Knowing the parameters of the solar activity, scientists it is not difficult to predict the occurrence of auroras in some polar regions of the Earth.

This is the moon with an aurora 60 degrees south of Earth’s equator shot from #flighttothelights AKA @FlyAirNZ 1980 #aurora #auroraaustralis

— Ian Griffin (@iangriffin) 23 Mar 2017

The cost of the tickets amounted to 4 thousand new Zealand dollars (about 160 thousand) for seats in economy class and 8 thousand dollars (about 320 thousand) for seats in business class aboard the Boeing 767. Given the popularity of the flight, the organizers plan to conduct a similar flight next year.