Kiev, moved to Moscow time

Kiev, moved to Moscow time

Kiev began to live on Moscow time. As reported TASS, this happened after the night on Sunday, March 26, Ukraine transferred the clock one hour ahead and daylight-savings time.

According to the decree of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers from may 13, 1996 “On procedure of calculation time on the territory of Ukraine”, the country every year on the last Sunday of October enters for the winter, and the last Sunday of March for the summer.

For the first time this transition was made in 1981, and in 1990 it was decided to establish in Ukraine a second time zone (Eastern European time or UTC+2). Along with this, introduced in 1930 daylight savings time (second time zone plus one hour, or UTC+3) was cancelled.

According to the Agency, under the presidency of Leonid Kravchuk Ukraine transferred the clock four times, Leonid Kuchma — 21 times in Viktor Yushchenko — 10 times. Viktor Yanukovych — eight times. It is noted that when the latter led the country in September 2011 it was proposed to abandon this practice, however, a month later, this idea was abandoned.