Ivanka-Princess: how beloved daughter trump becomes the most influential woman in the United States

Ivanka-Princess: how beloved daughter trump becomes the most influential woman in the United States

The daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump Ivanka will take office in the White house for the rights of the adviser to the head of state and becoming the “eyes and ears” of the father.

In his 35 years Ivanka trump is an accomplished business woman, generous philanthropist, a successful writer and a mother of three children Jared Kushner — known developer and senior adviser to her father, U.S. President Donald trump. Now the daughter of a billionaire, a Republican preparing to take the new bar — to take office in the White house. TASS tells how Ivanka trump is one of the most influential women in the United States.

Beloved daughter

Ivanka trump was born in 1981 in the family of Donald and Ivana trump the first wife of billionaire.

At that time the family already had one child, Donald trump Jr., he’s four years older than his sister, and in 1984 appeared the third child of this marriage — Eric. It brothers now control the assets of Donald trump, while he is President.

However, Ivanka is considered to be the favorite child of a billionaire — in this the children admitted during one interview.

Billionaire once said that with pleasure would date Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter.

Ivanka his career began as a model for the first time she appeared on the cover of Seventeen magazine in 1997, and then regularly starred in various “gloss”, including in Playboy magazine. But with the early 2000s, she started to give the model the case less and less time, preferring business and writing. After graduating from the Wharton school of business at the University of Pennsylvania and received a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Ivanka became a top Manager in the company of his father. In parallel, she developed her own brand Ivanka Trump, which sold the shoes, perfume, jewelry and other accessories.

In those days, she often appeared on TV, participated in several episodes of the show The Apprentice (“Disciple”), which was led by her father. Ivanka has been well received in various circles of American society — for example, were friends with glamour model Paris Hilton with a brain, Chelsea Clinton — daughter of bill and Hillary Clinton. By the way, relations with Chelsea, according to Ivanka, has not deteriorated even though the confrontation between trump and Clinton during the presidential race.

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Ivanka trump husband

In 2009 she married Jared Kushner, a son of a multibillionaire and one of the leaders of the Jewish community of new York, Charles Kushner, the owner of a development company, Kushner Companies.

Before the marriage was fixed, Ivanka took the Jewish religion, and since then is the appropriate way of life, actively donating money to synagogues and Jewish schools. In the same year 2009 she published her book titled “the trump card: how to win in business and in life.” The daughter of billionaire was criticized for the fact that it gives advice on how to become successful, although she was born in luxury. To these charges Ivanka replied that all she has achieved.

Faithful companion

When Donald trump decided to run for President, Jared Kushner was appointed his Advisor and Ivanka actually played the role of a future first lady: spoke to potential voters, campaigned to vote for his father, regularly smoothed his remarks and hushed up various scandals.

In particular, she talked about the fact that Donald trump respects the rights of women, and their family company the women work alongside men, receive more financial support during pregnancy and the salary not less than that of men. And all this despite the fact that the salary of the employees of the campaign headquarters trump was 1/3 less than their male counterparts, and the contractor, which produces clothes under the brand name Ivanka Trump, the decree does not provide its female employees.

The wife of billionaire Melania trump speeches almost gave — not counting appeals at the Republican Convention, after which she was accused of plagiarizing the speech of Michelle Obama.

Moreover, the wife trump immediately made it clear that he is not going to move from new York to Washington because she didn’t want to interrupt training 10-year-old son Barron in one of new York’s private schools. A number of experts suggested that during the presidency of trump in America will be two first lady: wife Melania and daughter Ivanka.

For the sake of the first lady’s Office in the East wing of the White house was renamed the Office of the first family of the United States, and the daughter of the billionaire said that he will retire from business and will help my father. Ivanka and Kushner moved to Washington, settling in the mansion for $5.5 million in one of the most prestigious areas of Kalorama in the North-West of the capital. There, by the way, is the mansion of the former President Barack Obama.

Reporters repeatedly asked Ivanka if it will become the first lady.

“There’s only one first lady. And Melania would be an incredible first lady,” retorted the daughter of a billionaire.

On the question of whether she has her own office in the White house, she left from the answer: “Now I’m focused on moving out to Washington to travel across the country.”

It should be noted that in US history there have been examples when the post first lady was a woman, not a wife of the President. Most of these were daughters and sisters of leaders of America.

The first lady was the wife of the son of the eighth U.S. President Martin van Buren, and during the work of the third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, this status belonged to a wife of his Secretary of state, Dolley Madison (then — first lady under President James Madison). In both cases, the head of state was a er. Wife of William Harrison Anna was the first lady of the United States and the mistress of the White house, but the residence of the head of state did not visit due to serious illness.

Finally, there was a precedent when the mistresses of the White house was just two.

Emily Donelson, a niece of the seventh President Andrew Jackson had a status of “unofficial first lady” from 1829 to 1836. From November 26, 1834 in White house came another niece Sarah York Jackson. Within two years the two women shared the status, contrary to expectations, easily found a common language.

“Eyes and ears”

So, technically the first lady Ivanka trump will not, but, nevertheless, it will work in the White house. And not in the East wing of the residence, and in the West — that is, where are all the working offices. The office in the White house she will take on the rights of the adviser to the head of state and becoming the “eyes and ears” of the father. About it on Monday, said her lawyer, Jamie Gorelik. According to her, the field of action in ivanki will include a wide range of issues.

The daughter of the American President will not be sworn in and will not take any formal positions, she also will not be paid the salaries of presidential adviser. All these measures, according to the administration trump, should remove questions about conflict of interest and nepotism in the White house.

Gorelik also said that the growing role of Ivanka in the environment of the father imposes on her certain obligations in light of non-stop scandals, it will pay more attention to the storage of sensitive information and data protection. According to Reuters, Ivanka will also receive access to classified information. “Adult child of a President who is actively involved in the work of his administration, is a precedent, — quotes the words of Politico Gorelik. — Ivanka will voluntarily comply with the obligations imposed by the post of adviser to the President, while not being the same”.

The publication notes that the political weight Ivanka is growing day by day.

The source close to trump’s daughter told the newspaper that the President’s daughter does not see my current position is nothing unusual: she has held high level positions in his father’s company for many years and knows the working principles in high positions. For example, last week she participated in the meeting of the father with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Washington.

Ivanka was also present at the first meeting of the tramp with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, and subsequently the canadian leader Justin Trudeau.

During the visit, the Prime Minister of Canada she even managed to sit in the presidential chair, then wrote on Twitter: “Great discussion with two world leaders about how important it is that women are represented at the table [of negotiations]”.

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Meanwhile, it is still not clear what powers and duties Ivanka will have in the White house. This question could not answer even the presidential spokesperson Sean Spicer: “I think that her role is to help and to share their opinions on a number of issues that concern her and captivate. This is especially true of women’s work.”

But it is obvious that the role of Ivanka not limited because her influence on the father of very large. It was she, according to the Wall Street Journal and talked his father out of the Paris climate agreement, though he promised to do it during the presidential race.

The opinion of the daughter played an important role in the agreement of trump to host in new York in December of last year former Vice President al Gore, an active advocate of environmental protection. Gore described the meeting with the Republican “sincere search for points of common ground”. Although it is known that trump has a reputation as an outspoken critic of the theory of global warming (during the election campaign he expressed doubts about the scientific validity of this concept).

In the public eye, Ivanka seems to be able to “tame” trump, known for his hot temper and unpredictable behavior. In an interview with ABC television, the President’s daughter admitted that she has attempted to moderate its activity in social networks:

— Your father is known for the fact that he constantly sits on Twitter. It so happens that you tell him: stop, calm down?

— Of course! (Laughs).

And he listens to you?

— It depends on what he has a bad day.

“Devil’s advocate”

Opponents of Donald trump think Ivanka is a sort of “devil’s advocate”, a man who is forced to justify even the most hard-hitting action policy of a billionaire.

For example, a businessman’s daughter defended her father when the scandal associated with the alleged sexual harassment on the part of the businessman. In the opinion of the liberal community and the press, in this situation, she would have to distance himself from the election campaign of his father, and to cease to support him, but Ivanka did otherwise. For this the journalists accused her of “feykovy feminism” and called its Outlook “is not very different from the ideology of the father.”

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After a sex scandal on the Internet was organized in a large flash mob #GrabYourWallet (#Hatesville — by analogy with the controversial replica of Donald trump’s “grab the crotch”), aimed at boycotting products Ivanka. Retailers one after another began to refuse to sell goods Ivanka Trump — even despite the fact that the President’s daughter announced that for ethical reasons goes out of business.

To protect Ivanka suddenly stood up, a senior adviser to the President, Kelliann Conway, which is in the broadcast of Fox & Friends, the counselor said: “Go and buy Ivankiny things.” This act stirred up Washington, because such statements are inadmissible from the lips of a government official. According to Politico, the Ivanka scolded Conway for what she put her brand in a scandal about ethics, telling her never to mention it on TV.

In turn, the President of trump expressed admiration for the daughter. “I’m so proud of my daughter Ivanka. Abused and with such bad attitude from the media, she continues to walk with his head held high. It’s really awesome!”, — he wrote in Twitter.

I am so proud of my daughter Ivanka. To be abused and treated so badly by the media, and to still hold her head so high, is truly wonderful!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 11, 2017